Living Doors Real Estate grew out of B&S Enterprises. B&S Enterprises was established in 1987 with a converted house that has four units within. Since owning this first unit we have grown to have 40 units to offer to the community. We are interested in the rental property business and take pride in our work.


The next generation is now converting B&S Enterprises into Living Doors Real Estate and expanding into property management. We are committed to providing a community feeling throughout all of our managed residences. We want you to think of your management company as neighbors and look to us for expertise and information that will enrich your living.


Outside of our regular work routine, we are members of REOMA (Real Estate Owners and Managers Association). In this organization we stay up to date on upcoming topics and issues that will have an impact on/and help our residents and businesses. We want to make sure we are providing quality service that makes our residents feel at home.


We make sure all of our units are renovated and cleaned to an expectation that us, ourselves would want to live.

Email: rentlivingdoors@gmail.com

P.O. BOX 57444 LINCOLN, NE 68505

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