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Big, Spacious Home: 4503 Adams St

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Older, big homes have soooo much character. No one looks the same as the next. They have high ceilings and lots of space.

Not to mention, unique rooms that you could find yourself relaxing reading a book or just enjoying the view of Lincoln, NE!

This home is no different.

Living Doors has just acquired this home on 4503 Adams St. It is just over 2000 sq feet. and will have plenty of room for its new residents.

It has an enclosed front porch that walks into two open living areas plus a dining room with the kitchen to the side. There is a nice little entryway on the side of the house that would work great as a mudroom.

Side note: A mudroom is one of my musts for our next house. My husband likes to use our current kitchen to get undressed in during his long days....a mudroom would be really nice.

There is a beautiful staircase that leads upstairs to the bedrooms. There are 3 bedrooms, all with plenty of space for any size of bed. One of the bedrooms has a sun room attached to it that looks over the backyard. I can imagine myself sitting in a big comfy chair reading a book with the sun shining on me during the weekend (just a suggestion) in this room.

Take a peek through the gallery below of the "before" pictures that have been taken of this home.

This home was bought through an auction and needs some TLC as you can see.

Once it is finished though, it is going to be one spacious home. There is so much space to do all kinds of activities. As you can tell, the sun room is obviously my favorite part (it would also make a fun closet!)

Check back for pictures of the progress of this home. It is fun to compare before & after pictures, so just check back to see how this place cleans up.

If you are interested in living in this home visit https://www.rentlivingdoors.com/contact-us and we will contact you within 24 hours for more information.


{As for our home...we Live!}

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