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Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Hello All!

The picture above shows me (your manager) with my husband, Shaine. We got married a little over a year ago and have been getting used to being called husband and wife.

When I am not busy with Living Doors, you can usually find us out cruising our '70 Dodge Dart (aka Joe Dart) or inside the garage working on this car. (He is the one working on the car, I am just moral support). There is always something new that Shaine is eager to add to his car.

On the weekends you can probably find us at a drag strip. Seeing how fast this baby can go in an 8th mile.

I don't understand most things that go into this car, but I do enjoy the time that we get to spend as a family based around Joe Dart.

Anyone else have a family that is built around a car?

-Amanda Dickinson

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