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Diversity in Strengths (10/21/2018)

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Hello Living Doors Residents!!

I joined a small group recently that is supposed to be a business coaching session to help professional women better their selves for their careers. At our last meeting our coach presented us with a great question:

How do you deal with diversity in your line of work?

I don't know about you, but when I hear the word "diversity" my mind goes directly to politics and the crazy world that we can live in at the moment. The word can soon become negative and put a bad taste in your mouth. But is shouldn't? Right?

One of the ladies had a great response to this question....."I don't look at the diversity of my team that I work with, but the different strengths that we all possess."

I thought this statement was brilliant. If we all could just look at the strengths of others in our lives and how those strengths could benefit us, our work, or the common goal that you are working towards then things become a whole lot simpler.

Here are my strengths from the Gallup Strengths Finder:

1. Achiever

2. Relater

3. Responsibility

4. Consistency

5. Futuristic

From my strengths I can tell you that I am good at getting tasks done, treating situations the same each time, getting a long with all peoples, and dreaming up my future. MAN AM I GOOD AT BEING A DREAMER.

This may limit me when it comes to issues that arrive in the now. I am going to get them done, but it may take me a little longer to realize what needs to be done.

This is where all my residents can help me out! I want to make sure that I am always on top of issues that arise for you. Please get a hold of me right away so we can make your experience living with Living Doors Real Estate great!

I challenge you all to figure our what your personal strengths are and look for the strengths in those you interact with everyday.

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