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Fresh paint and floors = whole new place!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Above are the before pictures of our newest rental that we just got rented out. Carpets was the "in" thing at one time and people decided to put them over beautiful hardwood floors. While carpet is nice under your feet, it can collect a lot of dirt underneath and cause it to be dirtier than you think in your home.

Here are the renovations we did to this unit to make it look fresh and new! Adding a new coat of paint freshens any home up! It can change your whole perspective of a place. we added a nice accent wall in the living room to make it feel like a home.

Hardwood floors through out the unit, new kitchen floor and counter tops, and a new set of paint to brighten up that basement. This place looks brand new!

The new residents of this unit have been with us for a year in another location and we are thrilled that they decided to trust us with their next home! We hope they enjoy this newly remodeled apartment.

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