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I am Great at Nothing.

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

My day dreams sometimes consist of thinking about celebrities or people that I follow on social media and wondering:

How did they get there???

What makes them so special that the whole world loves watching them?

Why couldn't I be in that position?

Why am I such a normal person?

Which is true, I am a normal person, living a normal life with an average salary coming home each month.

Then I think back to my school age years, I was always good at everything I did.

Dance - I was a good dancer, I worked hard, I was on competition team, but I wasn't the best. Still to this day I cannot for the life of me perfect a Pirouette (a turn).

Softball- I worked my but off to play softball. Again, I was good. I knew the game and my coaches trusted me to do the right thing out there on the field, but....I never really made varsity.

Grades - I was good at getting good grades. I studied hard in high school, but there was always still those couple people that pulled the better grades with ease. As much as I studied, I knew I wasn't going to answer 100% of the answers correct.

They say everybody has "something" that they are "great" at doing. It takes some of us longer to realize what that thing is, and it might not be as attractive as the celebrities or a hobby turns into your full time gig as an adult, but we really do all have something that makes us excel in our lives.

The one thing that I can think of that I have always been GREAT at is:

UNDERSTANDING and GETTING ALONG WITH EVERYBODY (and being passionate about it).

Not attractive, I know, but I think that quality has put me in the correct spot and career for my life today.

In high school, I never had enemies. I was friends with all the groups of people. I never thought people were above or below me and I could relate to them all. I still don't feel like I have enemies or anyone in this world could say that they "hate" me.

This quality didn't get me to the spot I dreamed of being at with dance or softball, but it did get me to be a successful property manager or landlord. I believe that I am the best property manager that I can be simply because of who I am.

I want all my residents to feel as if they are understood and I get along with them. I truly am here to help them better there lives and not just provide a place for them to live.

So...if you think you are not great at anything, like I did, look a little deeper. Some of us aren't blessed with a physical ability to do a task, but rather are granted the amazing opportunity where our own personalities will take us even farther.

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