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Introverts and success??

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I am an introvert. I am a quieter person. It takes time for me to be comfortable and trust people. I don't care to be put on the spot. I don't want to just barge into someone else's life.

I feel like there are a lot of misconception that come along with being an introvert. People think that we can be stepped on easier, we will just follow the crowd, and we don't have a personality.

Which none, is true.

I have heard quite a few people describe an introvert as someone who needs to come home after a long day and just sit in silence to re energize themselves??? There might be people out there like this, but I don't know where this theory came from.

A lot of these descriptions don't sound like someone who can be successful. It has to be hard to be successful if we are tucked away in our "happy place".

What really does it mean to be an introvert?

We are passionate. We just take time to process what we want to say before putting it into the world.

We walk to our own path. We are independent. We listen to what the crowd has to say so we can better serve them.

We have tons of personality. We save our personality for when it really matters, like with our loved ones or closing a deal. Relationships come easier when you can listen to others and understand what they want. We have to be able to trust another person with our personality, it is special you know.

And as for our "happy place", I like just as much as the extrovert I live with to get out into the world and go to concerts or events that bring joy to my life.

Soo... this introvert is going to keep striving for success!

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