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LDRE Projects as of March 2020

Of course, we always have little maintenance request projects going on for our residents here and there. We try to get out to our residents within 48 hours to fix any issues that arise. We can't always get the issue fixed within this time frame, but we will for sure have a plan laid out for our residents on when things will be getting taken care of.

When we aren't running around doing maintenance requests...we have larger renovation projects that are going on. Check out these 3 projects that we are fitting into our schedule right now.

301 S 47th St

One of our owners purchased this 4-plex back in October. It is located next to a handful of our other Living Doors units, so they thought it would be a good addition.

This building needed some new management and maintenance to help it get up and going again. The two upstairs units were in rough condition. We have been showing some before and after pictures of one of the units in the last couple weeks. We have recently finished renovating one of the upstairs units and are moving over to the second.

Last Thursday, you should have seen a video of us walking through units 303 and 307 with you. 303 is the unit we are now working on to renovate. In both of these units we have installed central air conditioning, spruced up the place with paint, laid new floor in the kitchen and bathroom, added new cabinets to the kitchens and a new vanity to the bathrooms. Of course, both units are also getting a deep clean to make them shine.

We are fortunate, that both of these units are rented! 307 hasn't even been renovated yet, but we had a resident put some trust in us that we will have it looking good for them on their move in date!

Capitol City Villa

We are helping renovate a one bedroom apartment at Capitol City Villa for a friend.

This apartment has an open layout, spacious room for downtown living, and is at a price that you can afford to be apart of the action downtown.

The unit that we are working on has been sitting open for a long time and needed a face lift. We are adding some new vinyl floors throughout the apartment, cleaning up the cabinets to make them look new, and updating little fixtures here and there to give it a modern feel.

If you are looking to live downtown, be able to travel by foot or bike to work downtown, and do not want to share an apartment with roommates, you are going to want to get a hold of us to take a look at this apartment.

You can plan for a April 1st move in.

Our New Project

I can't say much about this project yet...but I can say...IT IS GOING TO BE FUN AND YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO STAY IN THE LOOP WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE.

A Living Doors owner has purchased this acreage outside of Lincoln and is starting renovations to accommodate many guests. If you like hanging out with friends outdoors or at the lake, maybe, you should keep watching our Facebook page ;)

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