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My parents <3 (11/4/2018)

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I know I have shared "why" I do business with you all before, but I just wanted to add some faces to that why.

My parents, Bryan and Stacey.

As far as I can remember my parents worked hard to provide a living for us that was comfortable and flexible that we could spend as much time needed together as a family.

They chose to do this by purchasing real estate and providing rental properties.

These two have shown me how important it is to work for what you have in life. They have, also, shown me that community is everything. Life is much easier with a group of people around you that support you and that you can trust.

My parents lived out all of these values as they managed their rental properties and all of their residence.

This picture was taken last weekend as my parents accompanied me on an 11 hour drive to Nashville, TN to attend a business conference. As I said, they are always there to support me or anyone around them. They still take time out of their lives to support me in my dreams. This

showed through our quick trip last weekend!

I hope to manage with these same values in mind and want all my residents to feel as if they have a community they can trust from us.

Have a good weekend!

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