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Stocks Vs. Real Estate

Do you invest in stocks? And do you have a financial advisor that helps you with them?

According to investopedia.com, a financial advisor uses their expertise and knowledge to set out a plan for their clients financials - investments, savings, budgets, etc. This plan helps them reach a future goal. That goal usually pertains to retirement.

An investment is an asset that is purchased in the present that will produce income for the future.

Stocks and real estate are both complex investments. There are lots of fine details that go along with these investments that you may never understand fully.

That is why we hire an expert, right?

Why haven't you hired a property manager yet?

I know...you want to keep your expenses as low as possible. An extra percentage paid, cuts into your working capital and the money in your pocket. I get it, I really do.

But why should you treat your real estate investments any different than your stocks?

As a property manager, I spend my working hours dedicated to your properties and residents. Continuously learning about the real estate industry is a priority, to get my clients their top dollar.

I have a set of policies and procedures written out that we follow to protect against complaints and industry laws. These polices and procedures are always getting updated to adapt to the ever changing industry. When is the last time you updated your lease?

When is the last time you raised your rents? There is a good chance that your units are under priced. Increasing your rents could be the difference you need to hire a property manager.

I have realized as a property management company, I see more qualified applicants, more rents paid on time, and better open communication with my residents compared to a private landlord.

I work off a percentage, so if I am getting my clients top dollar, than so am I. This creates that opportunity for you and me to live. While you work on other life goals, I can keep your real estate investment goals organized. You can have the lifestyle you want and create a legacy, as well.

So give us a call today. I have many more tricks up my sleeves that I would love to share with you. I can promise we will increase your monthly profit!

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