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The Living Doors Story

Living Doors was in the works before I even knew what a rental property or real estate was.

My parents started B&S Enterprises back in 1987 with a converted four-plex they had purchased. They lived in one of the units and rented out the other three. My dad was and still is a carpenter, and at this time was making cabinets, and my mother was a computer programmer.

After the four-plex, they were hooked on real estate and decided to buy more properties. They worked long hours during the day and continued those hours into the night working on their most recent project.

To say that I grew up in the business is an understatement. As long as I can remember, I have been going to work with my dad. I didn't go to daycare during the summers, I went with my dad to his latest rental remodel.

I played in refrigerator and stove boxes. I helped pick up shingles and nails off the ground. My brother and I were mowing lawns. We met new friends in different neighborhoods across Lincoln and Seward. My parents were possibly benefiting from free child labor :).

I went through high school and a couple years of college not knowing what I wanted to do. I shadowed a physical therapist, my mom tried to get me into technology careers, and I, also, tried watching a dentist for half a day. None of these careers stuck.

I went into college knowing I did not want to do what my parents did: real estate or computer programming. I would tell my parents that when they passed away, I would probably just sell all their real estate.

Life had other plans for me ...I needed extra classes to finish my business degree. I decided to take a real estate class. A class that counted as college credits but also doubled as credits to get a real estate license.....and then something just clicked.

I loved the way that I grew up. Even though I have never held a job in real estate, I have been in and around real estate my whole life, and I actually knew a lot about it. I watched how my parents treated their tenants and why their tenants continued to live with them year after year.

I received first hand education on how to run a successful rental investment business from two very successful real estate investors. So I decided that my parents passion for real estate and family business needed to be shared.

Then comes Living Doors Real Estate. I received my Nebraska Real Estate Broker's license in 2017 and I turned all my new found passion for real estate, entrepreneurship, and helping others into a business.

If done right, real estate can create a lifestyle that is flexible. Lots of hard work is still needed, but the ability to live your life how you want can be arranged easier when you invest in real estate.

I am a first hand witness to how real estate can change the opportunities in your life. My passion behind Living Doors Real Estate is not only to create this opportunity for me and my family but for you and your family, as well.

Living Doors Real Estate creates the opportunity for our owners and residents to live!

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