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What is a 7 Day Notice?

You may also hear a 7 Day Notice be called Failure to Pay Rent and Termination of Rental Agreement Notice.

When would you receive this notice?

You will receive a 7 day notice the day after rent is due and considered late. You should look in your rental agreement and see what day of the month this would be. Some leases give you a grace period to pay rent, in this case, a 7 day notice would be given the day after the grace period is up. Although, it is not against the law to hand out the notice before the grace period ends. You should talk with your landlord to see what their expectations are on receiving rent.

What should you do once you receive a 7 Day Notice?

You should look at the date the notice is signed. You have 7 days to pay your rent to your landlord from this date. If rent is not paid at the end of the 7 days, the landlord has the right to start an eviction in court against you. They may not accept your rent after those 7 days.

I would suggest giving your landlord a call right away if you receive a 7 day notice. Filing an eviction is costly for a landlord and a resident and is better avoided. Give your landlord a call to see if you can set up a payment plan with them. My guess is most the time, the landlord will say yes!

September 1, 2019 was the date that the 7 Day Notice came into effect in Nebraska. Before this, some of you might remember, we just had a 3 Day Notice for failure to pay rent. As the state decided, 3 days was deemed to be too short of a time to come up with rent that was late, so this was altered to a 7 Day Notice to help out residents when money is tight.

In some cases, I am sure even 7 days is not enough time. I urge you to contact your landlord BEFORE the 1st of the month when you know you are going to be late with rent. Most of us understand that things happen and are willing to work with you. Create that good relationship with your landlord, so neither one of us have to worry about a 7 Day Notice.

If you would like to read the legal language for this 7 Day Notice, here is a link:


Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Always contact a lawyer for legal advice. I am only speaking on processes at Living Doors Real Estate. Other landlords might have different processes.

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